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Should a Fish Tank Filter Be Under Water?

By Tank Needs / October 6, 2019

Every person has a hobby they are dedicated to. Whether it is reading, writing, gaming, or cooking, the passion, and love for it would always push that person towards preserving and improvising that activity.  However, when it comes to hobbies involving living things, you must follow every rule in the book, whether it involves plants […]

How to Set Up a Fish Tank Filter System

By Tank Needs / October 6, 2019

Aquariums might seem one of the easiest ways to keep a pet — they make great options for parents who want their children to understand what responsibility is, feeding the fish and caring for them. Nonetheless, they also require a lot of maintenance to keep your fish friends in a healthy and clean environment. This […]

What Does a Filter Do For a Fish Tank?

By Tank Needs / October 6, 2019

Are you thinking of getting a few pairs of fish and a large tank? That’s a great idea! Of course, you want to become the proud owner of a mesmerizing aquarium, but what if you don’t have the essentials? Don’t worry — you’ve come to the right place. First things first, keeping a fish tank […]

When to Change the Filter in a Fish Tank

By Tank Needs / October 5, 2019

The most typical queries from first-timers are mostly related to fish tank filters. When to change the filter in your fish tank and how often? Are fish tank filters necessary at all? Which one should I use? Fear not, here is a complete guide to all your filter-related questions.  If you are a die-hard fish […]