Best Tankmates for Basslet Fish

Basslets are small, colorful fishes that can make terrific additions to aquariums, and have a manageable temperament around others. It’s important to choose the right tankmates for your Basslet fish to ensure everything runs smoothly in your tank.

So today I am going to share with you the best tankmates for Basslets. I will list them below first for a quick overview, then go in depth:

  1. Clownfish
  2. Gobies
  3. Blennies
  4. Chromis
  5. Royal Gramma
  6. Pygmy Angels
  7. Hawkfish
  8. Boxfish
  9. Tang

Top Basslet Fish Tankmates

colorful fish in saltwater aquarium

Now let’s go a bit more in depth and see why the fish above are my top recommendations as Basslet tankmates.

1. Clownfish

Made popular in the movie Finding Nemo, clownfish have been subject to the media spotlight due to their distinctive appearance and general personality.

You will often find clownfish with anemones in the wild. What makes clownfishes suitable tank makes for basslet fishes, you ask? Clownfishes are not as aggressive as other marine species.

Especially when clownfish are in their juvenile stages, you will find them as great basslet fish tank mates. Probably the most popular choice out there for saltwater tanks.

2. Gobies

Gobies are a great choice for Basslet tanks because they are peaceful and have similar feeding habits. They are also relatively small, making them a good size match for Basslet fish.

3. Blennies

Blennies are another peaceful option for Basslet tanks. They are also known for their unique personalities and behaviors, adding a fun element to the aquarium.

They are active and interesting to watch, but not territorial or dangerous for other fish in the community tank.

4. Chromis

Chromis are small and peaceful fish that make great companions for Basslet fish. They also come in a variety of colors, making them visually appealing.

5. Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma is a popular choice for Basslet tanks due to their similar water parameter requirements and peaceful temperament. They also have vibrant colors that turn any saltwater aquarium into a real joy to watch.

6. Pygmy Angels

In contrast to basslets, pygmy angels can get quite big – you’ll need more than an average-sized aquarium to hold one – but their size does not stop them from being suitable tank mates for basslets.

Pygmy angels generally do not attack or eat other fish, because they are herbivores. You only need to worry about them around other pygmy angels, as they can be competitive.

7. Hawkfish 

While full of personality, hawkfishes can be suitable tankmates for basslets if they are added to the aquarium last. The typical hawkfish is territorial, and will often attack fishes that are new in its living quarters.

They have even been known to eat newcomers. So you should only try to match basslets and hawkfish if the former are already in the aquarium. But still a more risky choice than others.

8. Boxfish

Most aquarists would be immediately put off at the mention of this species of colorful fish because of the toxin it releases.

While it is true that boxfish can release a toxin that can immobilize other fishes, it only does so to protect themselves and when feeling in danger, which won’t be the case around basslets.

Aside from that, the boxfish is docile, making it a great tank mate for basslet fishes.

9. Tang

Tangs are colorful tank mates for basslet fishes. They are less aggressive and also herbivores.

You may want to prepare a bigger aquarium for these guys, though, as they can grow in excess of eight inches. The Lavender Tang is one my favorite fish, because of its amazing colors.

Factors to consider when selecting tankmates for basslets

Before adding any fish to your Basslet tank – including the ones above, or new ones I haven’t mentioned, there are several factors to consider to ensure they are compatible with your Basslet fish.

Size Compatibility

It’s important to select tankmates that are similar in size to your Basslet fish. Tankmates that are too large may view the Basslet as prey, while tankmates that are too small may be viewed as food.


Basslet fish are generally peaceful, so it’s important to select tankmates that have a similar temperament. Aggressive or territorial fish may harass or harm the Basslet.

Water Parameters

Different fish have different water parameter requirements, so it’s important to select tankmates that have similar water requirements to your Basslet fish.

Feeding Habits

Basslet fish are carnivorous, similar to Bettas, for example, so it’s important to select tankmates that have similar feeding habits. However, those that eat plants can also be a good choice as long as they’re not too small to become prey.


FAQ 1: Can basslet fish live with clownfish?

Yes, basslet fish can live with clownfish. Both of these fish are generally peaceful and can coexist in the same tank without any issues.

However, it is important to make sure that the tank is large enough to accommodate both species and that there are plenty of hiding places to reduce potential aggression.

Actually, clownfish are the most popular choice for aquarisuts, due to their colors and after being made famous by the Finding Nemo movie.

FAQ 2: Can basslet fish live with other reef fish?

Yes, basslet fish can live with other reef fish. However, it is important to choose compatible species and make sure that the tank is large enough to accommodate all of the fish. Read my list above to see all the best choices.

FAQ 3: Do basslet fish need a specific type of tank?

Basslet fish do not require a specific type of tank, but they do prefer tanks with plenty of hiding places and live rock. They also prefer a moderate water flow and lighting that mimics their natural habitat.

You can check out my recommended filters for aquariums here.

FAQ 4: What should I feed my basslet fish?

Basslet fish are carnivorous and should be fed a diet of meaty foods such as shrimp, krill, and small pieces of fish. They may also eat small crustaceans and worms. It is important to provide a varied diet to ensure that they receive all of the necessary nutrients.

FAQ 5: How do I introduce new fish to a tank with basslet fish?

When introducing new fish to a tank with basslet fish, it is important to acclimate them slowly to reduce stress and aggression. It is also a good idea to quarantine new fish before introducing them to the main tank to prevent the spread of disease.

You can read here about white spots in your aquarium and what they mean – or the white film over the water. Fortunately, these are generally not signs of disease. If disease is concerned, read more about the toxicity of Borax in aquariums.

Wrapping Up

These fish that I mentioned above can potentially be great tankmates for your basslets. These species can give your basslets some great company while adding some variety to your fish tank.

While basslet fishes can be secluded especially when they are new to their surroundings, they should get more adventurous as soon as they get comfortable with their home.

Lastly, make sure to keep your aquarium in top shape, to keep your basslets and their tank mates healthy and happy. With a steady and healthful diet, a clean tank, and a solid filter under the water, and proper maintenance, your fish can live for a very long time.

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