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How Long Do Betta Fish Live without Food?

By Tank Needs / November 5, 2020

If you must leave the house for a few days or a coupe of weeks and you have a Betta fish, you’re probably wonder how long can your Betta survive without food. A healthy adult Betta can easily survive around 5 days without food. In extreme situations, most Bettas can live without food for up […]

Betta Fish Names: Badass, Funny & Cool Names for Your Pet Fish

By Tank Needs / April 1, 2020

Most aquarists don’t name their fish mainly because it’s difficult to tell one from another. But if you have a Betta, things are a lot easier: you won’t have more in the same tank, so you can easily name your Betta. But sometimes, finding the right name for your Betta fish could be difficult – […]