Best Substrate for a Jarrarium [2023 Update]

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Setting up a jarrarium is different from setting up a regular aquarium. This includes choosing the right substrate for it. This varies depending on the type of jarrarium you want to create and in today’s article we’ll cover them all. Before deciding on the substrate to use, you’ll have to actually decide on what type … Read more

Best Jars for an Enclosed, Self-sustaining Water Ecosystem / Jarrarium (2023 Update)

I am REALLY passionate about jarrariums and self sustaining water ecosystems, so this is what we’re going to talk about today. Specifically the best jars for creating an enclosed water ecosphere aka a jarrarium. I would say that the most important element when starting to think about starting a jarrarium, is the jar itself. After … Read more

Sealed vs Unsealed Jarrarium: What to Choose? [Answered]

sealed vs unsealed jarrarium

Before even starting your own jarrarium, you should decide how you want it to be: a sealed jarrarium that should basically be a self-sustaining water ecosystem; or an unsealed one that allows you to do maintenance whenever needed and fix any wrongs along the way. While it might sound like an unsealed jarrarium is easier … Read more

Best Plants for a Jarrarium

best plants for jarrariums

The choice of plants you can successfully grow in a jarrarium is limited compared to a regular aquarium. In a jar you will have less space, maintenance will be more difficult and you might also have no external light. Plus, you might want to build a self-sustaining, no maintenance jarrarium or water ecosystem. The best … Read more