These Are the Best Algae Eaters for Freshwater Aquariums

best algae eaters for freshwater aquarium

One of the best methods for keeping algae under control in our aquariums is to bring in some of my recommended algae eaters. They love feasting on the algae we don’t like and they’re nice pets too. The best algae eaters for freshwater aquariums are Siamese Algae Eaters, Bristlenose plecos, Nerite Snails, shrimps, and the … Read more

Best Plant Substrate for a Planted Tank (2024 Update)

best plant substrate for aquariums and jarrariums

Choosing the right substrate for your fish tank is extremely important, especially if you plan on having a planted aquarium or even a jarrarium. The substrate will not only offer the means for your plants to establish their roots, but will also offer them the required nutrients for solid growth, some of which might be … Read more

20 Best Easy To Grow, Low Light Plants for Aquariums

best low light aquarium plants featured

Everybody loves easy to grow, low light plants for freshwater aquariums, even though they are usually associated with beginners. The truth is that even seasoned aquarium owners love them because, well, who doesn’t love low maintenance stuff? Today, I am here to share with you a list of 20 fresh water aquarium plants that are … Read more

Do Aquarium Plants Need a Filter? [Answered]

do aquarium plants need a filter

Does your tank need a filter if you only have plants inside and no livestock? This goes for all sorts of nano tanks, jars and other types of aquariums where the main focus is the aquascaping and not necessarily the fish living there. Today, we’re discussing whether or not aquarium plants need a filter. The … Read more