Best Jars for an Enclosed, Self-sustaining Water Ecosystem / Jarrarium (2024 Update)

Close-up photo of the blog author's jarrarium

I am REALLY passionate about jarrariums and self sustaining water ecosystems, having created over a dozen over the years, and still running multiple at the moment. Today, we’re going to talk about one really important aspect of creating these amazing ecosystems: choosing the best jars for them. I say that the most important element when … Read more

Sealed vs Unsealed Jarrarium: What to Choose? [Answered]

sealed vs unsealed jarrarium

Before even starting your own jarrarium, you should decide how you want it to be: a sealed jarrarium that should basically be a self-sustaining water ecosystem; or an unsealed one that allows you to do maintenance whenever needed and fix any wrongs along the way. While it might sound like an unsealed jarrarium is easier … Read more

Best Plants for a Jarrarium

best plants for jarrariums

The choice of plants you can successfully grow in a jarrarium is limited compared to a regular aquarium. In a jar you will have less space, maintenance will be more difficult and you might also have no external light. Plus, you might want to build a self-sustaining, no maintenance jarrarium or water ecosystem. The best … Read more