What Are the White Spots on the Aquarium Glass, Wood or Decorations?

white spots aquarium glass

I was very surprised when I started seeing some white spots on my tank’s glass: just a few early on, then more and more. The same spots can be seen on decorations or the wood inside my aquarium, and even on the leaves. Which brought me to the burning question in the title, that I … Read more

Is Green Algae Good in a Freshwater Aquarium? (Complete Answer)

green algae in aquarium good

Algae is probably one of the most hated things by aquarists, battling for supremacy with aquarium snails. But despite the fact that it’s not really beautiful to look at, not all algae is bad for you aquarium. Actually, most isn’t! Green algae is the most common type of algae that appears in aquariums and the … Read more

White Film on Top of Water in the Fish Tank? Here’s How to Fix

White oily film on top of water

After setting up your fish tank or fish bowl, you might end up noticing that there is an oily film or a white film on top of the water in the aquarium. This is more common in Betta bowls than other types of aquariums, for one important reason. Today, we’re going to learn everything about … Read more