Can Goldfish Eat Bread, Rice or Banana?

One of the best things about goldfish is that they eat almost anything you give them. Bread, Rice, banana pieces or anything you eat – they’ll gladly gobble it up.

But should they really eat all those foods and more specifically, should Goldfish eat bread, rice or bananas?

Yes, you goldfish can eat rice, bananas and even bread in moderation. The latter is not really recommended as it can cause health problems, but if you really want to give the fish a treat every now and then, all of these foods are safe.

Goldfish are omnivores, and therefore you have plenty of options available to feed them, other than the regular fish food that you can buy from pet shops.

Fruit, vegetables and certain cereals may be great alternatives, but you have to do some research to find out if they’re safe or not.

So… Are you allowed to feed bread to your goldfish? Is banana healthy for goldfish? Will rice be harmful for your goldfish?

Let’s answer all these questions to make sure you feed your goldfish confidently and safely.

1. Can goldfish eat bread?

They can. But they shouldn’t.

bread crumbs for goldfish

Goldfish are omnivores and therefore have the capacity of eating bread. They have been fed breadcrumbs for thousands of years.

It doesn’t mean it is a healthy choice, but neither is it dangerous if ingested in small quantities. It is not directly poisonous and won’t have immediate side effects.

Even so, bread is not amongst foods that are recommended for your goldfish. In fact, it can actually be a very harmful choice.

Bread will expand into the stomach of the fish after consumption, therefore causing constipation, swim bladder disease or other digestive issues and complications.

In fact, it is recommended that you avoid any type of bread, grains or soaked cereals, because they will all eventually have the same effect: swelling in the stomach and intestines of your goldfish and causing digestive problems.


Cooked oatmeal is a much healthier and safer choice. It is more nutritious than bread or other cereals, and less harmful.

Yet, make sure that you only feed already soaked oatmeal to small goldfish, or oatmeal that has been cooked (without added sugar, ideally). This will prevent it from expanding in their stomach.

Also make sure that you do not put any additives into it. If you want to enhance the flavor for your goldfish, anyway, feel free to add some blood worm or powdered shrimp – things that fish love!

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2. Can goldfish eat rice?

Yes, they can, and it is safe to feed them cooked rice in moderation.

goldfish eating rice

Unfortunately, it is not a nutritious food, and therefore there are no benefits for your goldfish from eating cooked rice.

But it’s OK for consumption from time to time. It won’t harm them unless you feed them rice frequently and/or in larger quantities. They can get fat and develop other health problems.

Make sure that the rice is properly cooked when feeding it to your goldfish.

Otherwise, it will expand in their stomach, generating the same effect like bread or cereals. Properly cooked rice, on the other hand, is perfectly safe in moderation.

Why do you need to care for moderation? Well, goldfish are prone to eat way more than they need to. Overfeeding them, therefore, is always easy.

As rice brings no nutritional benefits, fish are going to eat as much as they are given and this may eventually lead to fat, round goldfish. It might sound cute, but it’s definitely not healthy for them and will reduce their life span by a lot.

So just make sure you prevent this by keeping cooked rice as a snack option from times to times, but never as their main meal. Or you can simply skip it completely, no harm done if you do.

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A much better choice would be cooked peas, or leafy greens (lettuce, kale, spinach) cut into small pieces.

Vegetables are extremely healthy and much more nutritious for your goldfish, and peas especially are high in fiber, helping with digestion and preventing from constipation or swim bladder disorder.

But, again, even these vegetables are best if fed in moderation.

Overfeeding peas and vegetables will harm your goldfish by preventing them from absorbing the beneficial fiber and nutrients that are essential for harmonious, healthy growth.

Occasionally feeding them these types of foods will be, therefore, the wisest decision.

3. Can goldfish eat banana?

Yes! You can feed banana to your goldfish!

Banana is one of the most delicious and nutritious treats that you can feed your goldfish, so the answer is definitely positive in this case.

We already know that goldfish can eat fruit and vegetables. But, as it provides plenty of essential nutrients and boosts their health, banana is one of the best choices you can make.

In fact, it is a safe choice for most of the fish tanks, unless we’re talking about carnivores. Which is not the case for goldfish.

First of all, bananas are a perfect boost for the digestive health of your goldfish. They contain a considerable amount of healthy fiber (pectin and resistant starch) and therefore prevent from constipation and other digestive issues.

At the same time, they are offering a satisfying feeling of fullness, so you won’t have to feed them large amounts to get them happy, full, nurtured and satisfied.

Furthermore, bananas are also perfect sources of powerful antioxidants. The effect of antioxidants consumption for your goldfish will be a significantly reduction in the risk of developing multiple diseases or health issues, as well a significant boost for their immunity system.

Last but not least, bananas contain plenty of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals: potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, vitamins A, B6, B12, C) and macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats).

This makes them a perfect source of nutrients and a healthy choice in the diet of your goldfish.

Make sure you remove its peal, remove all decayed parts and cut it into very small pieces before feeding it.

And, like with all other foods, offer it as a snack in small quantities. Bananas are nutritious, but also have lots of calories and overfeeding can lead to fat accumulation and all the problems it brings.


There are few other fruits that are just as nutritious as a banana, because the latter is packed with all the complex macronutrients and plenty of healthy minerals and vitamins.

But if you need other recommendations of fruits that goldfish can eat as snacks, then you can safely go for watermelon (without the seeds), apples, pears or raspberries/strawberries.

Fed in moderation, from time to time, they are also packed with plenty of important micronutrients, from minerals and vitamins to essential antioxidants that will boost their immunity.

And they will definitely make your fish happy and grateful for all those new and delicious flavors.


As already mentioned above, goldfish are omnivores and therefore can safely consume vegetables, fruits and some cereals.

None of these will harm them in any way, if fed in small quantities and at rare time intervals.

Yet, as a recommendation to keep in mind permanently, make sure that you only use these as occasional snacks, and that your goldfish will eat them in moderation.

As long as all these do not become their main meals, goldfish can eat bread, rice, banana and lots of other delicious fruits, vegetables and cooked/soaked cereals.

Moderation is key, and I am sure that as long as they are healthy, safe and properly nurtured, your goldfish will be happy to enjoy all the delicious flavors you are willing to share with them!

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